Take a trip to the islands—the kitchen island, that is.

While not as relaxing as a trip to a tropical island, the kitchen island is a true workhorse.  This multi-purpose piece not only provides additional work space and storage but, in many cases, it also acts as an eating surface, homework space or gathering spot during a party.

Like an island in the ocean, a kitchen island is a separate piece of cabinetry that is not connected to other countertops and cabinetry; it stands all by itself in the… Continue reading

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: I is for inspiration

letter i


Do you ever wonder where interior designers, artists or furniture and fabric manufacturers come up with their ideas?  How do they choose a color scheme, for example, or decide on a particular style or pattern?  While everyone is different, the answer is usually “inspiration”.  Designers, like artists, writers and other creative people usually find inspiration in many different areas.  For example:

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: H is for hutches (and they are on sale!)

Before we get to the good “stuff” (sale items) let’s talk about the purpose of a hutch.

A hutch is most often defined as a piece of furniture used for displaying and storing dishes.  Other definitions mention a piece of furniture on raised legs while others talk about housing for rabbits,  but that does not really apply!  The hutches we offer here at Painted Furniture Barn are meant for storing and displaying not only dishes but also… Continue reading

5 quick summer pick-me-ups for your home

Paul Ecke farms

Paul Ecke farms


The official start of summer is just a month away so it is time to throw open those windows and begin to enjoy the carefree days and warm sunshine that is the hallmark of the season.  There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy, but you can enjoy the season on the inside of your home as well with these five quick pick-me-ups for your interior decor.

  1. Open it up.  Throw… Continue reading

Meet my new blog friend

As I promised, here is more information on my new blog friend, Suzanne from The Painted Drawer.

One of the wonderful things about the internet is the opportunity it provides for meeting people with similar interests and goals and that is the case with my new blog friend, Suzanne, from The Painted Drawer blog and etsy shop.  Our shared love of color and furniture with vintage character brought us together; and living close to each other certainly… Continue reading

Blogland is a small world

If you know the history of my site, www.paintedfurniturebarn.com, then you know that I am relatively new to the world of online retailing, social media and blogs.  But when I began this business I had no idea that “blogland” would be so friendly and, also, so near to my own neighborhood.

I recently connected with Suzanne over at the Painted Drawer and she has generously introduced me to the readers and followers of her own blog.  You can… Continue reading

How to use natural elements in home decor


There is no greater design inspiration than from Mother Earth herself.  Color combinations, textures and forms and shapes can all be found by just opening your eyes and observing your natural surroundings.

Color combinations

fall inspiration photo by slim paley

photo courtesy of slim paley blog

The garden is a natural place to start if you are struggling trying to come up with a color scheme.  If you do not have your own garden then take a day trip to your local botanical… Continue reading

More five minute fixes for your home


Istock photo

Istock photo


Most of the country is ready to throw open their doors and windows and let some sunshine and fresh air into their homes.  There is no better time than a change of seasons to begin sprucing up your home with a few five minute fixes.  In a previous post we talked about simple things like switching out cabinet hardware, painting an accent wall and adding colorful accent pillows but there are dozens of other… Continue reading

Green is more than a color at Painted Furniture Barn


iStock_000014833613Small (1)

While we do love painted furniture in the various shades of green finishes our manufacturers offer, we are referring more to green building techniques our manufacturers use when building their individual items of furniture.

While many think of being “green” as avoiding the use of toxic materials, proper disposal of waste, and recyling, one of the easiest ways to be “green” is to utilize local craftspeople.  All of our furniture is hand-crafted here in America, thereby avoiding delivery… Continue reading

Designers are looking forward to spring—spring Market that is.


High Point North Carolina landmark "World's Largest Chest of Drawers" courtesy of http://www.carolina-north.com/worlds_largest_chest_drawers.html

High Point North Carolina landmark “World’s Largest Chest of Drawers” courtesy of

Twice yearly the small North Carolina town of High Point becomes a landing spot for interior designers, furniture and fabric manufacturers and retailers introducing the latest and greatest in home decor (as well as hospitality and commercial design) products.  The next scheduled gathering is April 5-10, 2014, just a few short weeks away.

Fondly known as the furniture capital of the world, there are over… Continue reading