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Let me entertain, and introduce you……

I am always on the search for interesting sites and blogs that feel the same way as I do about beautiful furniture with designs rooted in tradition.  So you can imagine my pleasure when I stumbled upon a new blog entitled French Pemberley.  Like myself, the owner of the blog, Katie, is a lover of all things french and English, supported by her English born husband and her love of travel.

Her blog is a collection of… Continue reading

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: H is for hutches (and they are on sale!)

Before we get to the good “stuff” (sale items) let’s talk about the purpose of a hutch.

A hutch is most often defined as a piece of furniture used for displaying and storing dishes.  Other definitions mention a piece of furniture on raised legs while others talk about housing for rabbits,  but that does not really apply!  The hutches we offer here at Painted Furniture Barn are meant for storing and displaying not only dishes but also… Continue reading

To grout or not to grout? That is the question

Does anyone remember the horrible job of cleaning the grout lines on the kitchen counter?  Scraping all that gunk out with a knife, bleaching and scrubbing, only to have it become discolored no matter how hard you tried to keep it clean?  Well, fortunately, gone are the days when your only option when it came to installation was a width of colorless grout that was a major pain in the @#$ to keep clean.  Today there are… Continue reading

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: G is for gourd lamps

         A beautiful lamp is often the final accessory that ties a room together.  Versatile and attractive, the gourd lamp will enhance any style decor.

Gourd lamp from Lamps Plus

Gourd lamp from Lamps Plus

Not just a pretty face, the gourd lamp may be able to bring a bit of good luck into your life (if you are a follower of feng shui).  Feng shui believes that a gourd will bring  long life and good luck… Continue reading

Yes, you can have a nice home AND furry pets.

We are animal lovers.  And just to prove it, here is a picture of our furry family members, Molly and Mikey:


And, yes, they are sitting on the furniture.  I know it can seem impossible to have a comfortable home when you have pets.  If you are a pet owner you know that there is plenty of fur, muddy paws and food crumbs to go around!  Fortunately, there are ways… Continue reading

Paint your world and your interior with your favorite colors

All one need do is take a look around to become aware that our world is full of color.  We are affected by color all day long beginning with the clothing we choose to wear for the day, to the stop lights and traffic signs we encounter on our way to work, to the decor of our office building and even the logos of our favorite lunchtime items.  Mother Nature provides us with plenty of color in a… Continue reading

Decorating your home for the holidays with memorable vignettes

The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to create pretty vignettes throughout your home.  But before we offer tips on how to create a pleasing vignette let’s answer the obvious question—what the heck is a vignette?

The dictionary offers many definitions but the one that applies to home decor and interior design is a brief but powerful scene or, according to the Oxford Dictionary  ”…a small illustration without a definitive border”.  In layman terms, a… Continue reading

How to introduce musical instruments into your interior decor

Photo courtesy of The Glitter Guide via Design Wonderland

Photo courtesy of The Glitter Guide via Design Wonderland

Music has always been a big part of my life. I learned to play the piano as a child and discovered that I actually had some talent. I even performed a bit in college so, needless to say, I love not only the beautiful sound of music but also appreciate and enjoy the beauty of musical instruments.  Here are a few guidelines to help you introduce musical instruments into your… Continue reading

Enjoy the colors of Halloween all year long with painted furniture


halloween decos with pumpkins on candy filled jars

The change of seasons is always a fun time to switch out your home’s decor and fall and Halloween are no exceptions. This fun time of year combines the beauty and promise of change with the arrival of autumn and pairs it with the much anticipated Halloween decorating and party season. Painted furniture pieces are a great way to add seasonal color that you can enjoy throughout the year.

This four poster bed from Maine Woodworks is a fun… Continue reading

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: “C” is for chest of drawers


letter c

One of the most functional and versatile items of furniture you can own, a chest of drawers can be used in many different areas of your home.  For example:

  • In the bedroom.  Clothing, linens and other personal items can all be stored in a bedroom dresser.  You can select a chest with as few as three drawers to one with as many as nine or ten drawers for the ultimate in storage.  If space… Continue reading