Never underestimate the importance of measuring

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You have, no doubt, heard the builder and contractor’s motto ” Measure twice, cut once”.   This is so important not only when building a home or piece of furniture but also when buying something new for your home.

There are many tales to be told of homeowners purchasing that perfect piece for their home only to find upon delivery that it will not fit into the elevator, up the curvy staircase or through a narrow door.  While furniture is often made to standard dimensions, homes are not– especially older homes.  Therefore, to avoid having to remove the front door from it’s hinges, take a table apart or even dismantle a sofa or chair, make sure you measure and measure again:

  • Your front door, both height and width.  Also measure the amount of space you have when the door is standing open and take into consideration any protruding objects such as a door knocker or attached mail box.
  • Any openings that could affect the delivery such as an overhead arbor, front porch overhang, awnings or shutters and even the garage door height.
  • The width of all staircases that the furniture piece will have to travel.  Angled landings and curved walls can create problems.  Include any low hanging ceilings that might prevent you from turning a piece on its side to get it up the stairway.

Once you know the furniture will fit into your home, but before you purchase the item, look at the dimensions and mark those where the piece will be placed.  For example, if a nightstand says it stands 20″ high, place your tape measure next to the bed at 20″  to see if it is the desired height.  The same goes for the width and depth.  For upholstered pieces, be sure to check the seat depth, the back and arm height and the entire width.  This will insure that your piece will not only fit into your space but accomplish the desired look for your room.

Taking the extra time to measure, measure and measure again will prevent any disappointments when the long awaited delivery date arrives.

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