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5 easy ideas to transition your home decor from summer to fall

design fall leaves on estate highgrove of prince charles from cote de texas blog

Highgrove estate in fall from Cote de Texas blog

fall inspiration grape harvest from tablas creek vineyeard

Don’t look now but autumn is just around the corner!  The arrival of the fall season means not only changes in the weather and the number of daylight hours but also an opportunity to introduce changes into your home’s decor.  Along with hanging storm windows, chimney cleaning and covering the outdoor furniture, these five tips may help you make the transition from the relaxing look of summer to the… Continue reading

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: K is for crackle finish

letter K Okay, I know—crackle does not begin with the letter “K but it does sound like the letter “k” and it is such an interesting  finish I thought it would be fun to address it.

A crackle finish is basically a mottled pattern that appears on the surface of an item.  It is created with specialty paints and processes or your own DIY efforts.  It adds interest and an aged appearance to any piece of… Continue reading

Never underestimate the importance of measuring

Istock photo

Istock photo


You have, no doubt, heard the builder and contractor’s motto ” Measure twice, cut once”.   This is so important not only when building a home or piece of furniture but also when buying something new for your home.

There are many tales to be told of homeowners purchasing that perfect piece for their home only to find upon delivery that it will not fit into the elevator, up the curvy staircase or through a narrow door.… Continue reading