The desire for made in America products is as strong as ever


The quest for made in America products is stronger than ever.  This was evidenced by a recent segment on the 4th hour of the Today Show wherein the topic was discussed.  You can view that video here.

There are probably many reasons why consumers are preferring products made in America.  We could discuss some rather unpleasant ones such as the recent immigration issue taking place in Texas, Arizona and California.  Or we could talk about the economy, quality of products from overseas  etc., etc.   But, while these are certainly thought provoking topics of discussion, it is rarely fun to talk politics with friends.  So I would rather believe that people who search for and purchase items made in America do so to support their local and federal economy, fellow American business owners like themselves or feel more confident purchasing online from a company located in the United States where returns and/or exchanges, if necessary, are perhaps easier and more affordable.  Whatever the reason, and whatever product you are purchasing, it is easy to search for whatever you need by simply adding the words “Made in America”  or “Made in the USA” to your search.

Not to toot our own horn (OK..toot, toot) when you search for painted furniture ” made in the USA”,  up pops our site.  And, as our About page states,we are proud to offer only those products that are made in America by businesses that may be family owned, been around for generations or new businesses that employ skilled craftspeople who can create unique designs not found in large retail stores.

The decision to purchase items made in America can sometimes be difficult.  Often they are more expensive.  However, the quality far surpasses any difference in price and you will feel good knowing that you are supporting the American economy.  You can find comfort knowing that ingredients and manufacturing processes adhere to strict USA standards.  And, in the case of furniture, you will be purchasing an item that you can enjoy and will remain in your family for years, if not generations.

Do you seek out products made in America?  Have you compared similar items that are imported to those made here in the USA? Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.




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