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Gordes France  photo by Luc Viatour www.Lucnix.be

Gordes France
photo by Luc Viatour

In my last post I introduced you to my new blog friend and fellow lover of all things french and English. French Pemberley.   I thought I would give you a little background as to why I enjoy and appreciate french and English design, literature, lifestyles, architecture, art, furniture etc.

My love of all things french began when I had french classes in elementary school, which I continued on through high school.  I even considered majoring in French in college but decided not to.    I had always dreamed of visiting Europe and, finally, in the mid 90’s when I worked for a travel agency, I got the opportunity to take a tour of London and Paris.  That trip forever changed me–it awakened a fascination with European history and culture that I did not know I had.  Just standing where people stood 400, 600, even 1000 years ago is so transformative.  Since then, I have been back to France 6 times, including Paris (of course), the Loire Valley, Normandy, and a 10-day trip to Provence. Here is a list of my french and English favorites.  Are any of these your favorites as well?

To begin with, I am an avid reader of European history, especially the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  My favorite authors are Alison Weir (The Life of Elizabeth IThe Princes in the Tower) and Antonia Fraser (Marie Antoinette).  Other favorites:

  •   Favorite French villages:  Chinon in the Loire Valley and Gordes in Provence
  •   Favorite cathedral:  Chartres
  •   Favorite Paris museum:  Musee National du Moyen Age (Museum of the Middle Ages)
  •   Favorite historical figures:  Eleanor of Aquitaine and Elizabeth I
  •   Favorite French foods:  a fresh baguette; escargots (I know, I know); and Tarte Tatin with a dollop of crème fraiche.
  •   Favorite English foods:  I’ll have to “plead the Fifth” on that – I am certain, however, that English cuisine has improved            since my visit many years ago.
  •   Favorite London tourist spot:  The British Museum

Of course, the beautiful lines of both British and French furniture can be found on my site.  Would love to hear your thoughts on French and English design, literature and your travels.


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