Easy tips for beach and cottage style decorating

As the song lyrics say “Summertime and the livin’ is easy”  and so is your home decor with these relaxed and casual decorating ideas for beach or cottage style design.

You don’t have to live on the water to enjoy the casual style associated with beach or cottage living.  Giving your home that relaxed and “beachy” feel is easy, as you can see by these simple suggestions:

  • Forego the expense of fresh flowers and fill a bowl with small pieces of driftwood, colorful sea glass and shells that you have picked up on your walks on the sand.  This centerpiece will last you all season long and will also compliment any fresh flowers you do choose to add to the room like sunflowers, daisies and other seasonal blooms.
  • Change out your bedding to include a crisp white duvet and bed linens that look and feel cool and refreshing
  • Hang breezy sheers at your windows and doors and watch them billow in the gentle summer winds
  • Furniture with an open leg style will visually lighten a space so , if possible, store the heavy upholstered chairs and replace them with a lighter feeling, yet still comfortable, open legged chair.  Even better, choose woven furniture crafted of rattan or other natural materials that will instantly create a relaxed vibe in the room.
  • Natural fiber rugs like hemp, jute and sisal  can be bound in colors of the sea such as aqua, green or coral to add a spot of color to the floor.
  • Put your heavy oil paintings and dark landscapes away and replace them with artwork that reflects the season….framed photos of vacations or days spent at the shore, posters of your favorite destinations or your kid’s own masterpieces that will add light-hearted personality to the relaxed space.
  • A coat of paint will turn a found piece of furniture into a one of a kind item for your home.  But if DIY is not your thing, add a colorful end table like this one from Maine Woodworks to your furniture collection. Imagine it finished in Sunflower Yellow or Caribbean Blue—I can hear the seagulls squawking just thinking about it!
Beadboard end table from Maine Woodworks and available at painted furniture barn.com

Beadboard end table from Maine Woodworks and available at painted furniture barn.com

How do you invite the look and feel of coastal chic design into your home?




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