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Most of the country is ready to throw open their doors and windows and let some sunshine and fresh air into their homes.  There is no better time than a change of seasons to begin sprucing up your home with a few five minute fixes.  In a previous post we talked about simple things like switching out cabinet hardware, painting an accent wall and adding colorful accent pillows but there are dozens of other five minute fixes you can do in an afternoon.   Let’s get started:

  1. Wash the windows.  You will be amazed at what something as simple as washing your windows can do for your home’s interior.  And while you are at it, hose off the siding, exterior doors and porch lights so everything is clean and sparkly.
  2. A new area rug makes it possible to completely change your design style or enhance your existing decor.  Replace that dark and heavy Persian rug with one made from natural fibers for a light and summery look and feel.  Add a color coordinated border for a designer touch.  With neutral furnishings you can go from farmhouse to contemporary with a boldly colored abstract rug in place of the country plaid design you may have on the floor now.  Change out your accessories and you have a whole new look.
  3. Don’t overlook the kitchen.  Let’s face it, this really is the room where we spend most of our time so why not fix it up every now and then.  Add some pretty new canisters to your kitchen counter.  You can opt for a matching set that contributes to a theme or try a clean  look with a collection of clear glass containers that allow contents like flour and sugar, pasta, colorful lentils or wrapped candy to show through.
  4. Add greenery.  This can come in the form of fresh and colorful flowers you purchase at the local farmer’s market or grocery store or, if you are lucky enough to have a garden, pick your own blooms.  Even a single fern leaf placed  in a clear glass container adds color and life to the room.
  5. Update your accessories.  Take a look around the room.  Is it full of tchotchkes from Home Goods that have no sentimental value or real meaning to you?  If so, sell them at your next garage sale and begin replacing them with items that you will appreciate and enjoy for many years or, better yet, has some sentimental value.  Your mother’s ring dish that she kept by the kitchen sink will be pretty placed atop a stack of books or that bowl your child made in pottery class can catch keys and glasses in the foyer.  You can also begin to purchase updated items like something made of brass, a set of mercury glass votive holders or bone inlay picture frames.

Do you have a favorite five minute fix that really adds value to your interior spaces?

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