How to use natural elements in home decor


There is no greater design inspiration than from Mother Earth herself.  Color combinations, textures and forms and shapes can all be found by just opening your eyes and observing your natural surroundings.

Color combinations

fall inspiration photo by slim paley

photo courtesy of slim paley blog

The garden is a natural place to start if you are struggling trying to come up with a color scheme.  If you do not have your own garden then take a day trip to your local botanical garden, zoo or public park.  You will discover that all colors compliment each other and the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a color combination that works for you.


close up of distressed wood

close up of distressed wood

We are surrounded by varying textures everywhere we go.  The smoothness of a blade of grass or the roughness of a tree trunk, for example.  You can transfer this same idea to your home’s decor by varying the textures in a room.  A smooth glass topped table is warmed by a chenille sofa, fluffy throws and pillows and hand scraped wood floors.

Forms and shapes

A wise old neighbor once told me that the world be a very boring place if everything in the garden was the same color, shape and size. How right she was!  The beauty of the grain pattern in wood or the knotholes and lumps and bumps of a tree stump add interest to the linear lines of flower stems or lacy designs of tree leaves.  Take a look around your home—is everything the same rectangular or square shape?  Are all your tables identical?  Time to take a lesson from nature and change it up with some interesting forms and shapes.  These tables from The Phillips Collection just might inspire you.

It is not easy to decorate a home that reflects your family’s tastes, meets their needs for storage and comfort and is aesthetically pleasing.  But if you expand your methods for inspiration to include your natural surroundings you will be well on your way to creating the home of your dreams.

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