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How to use natural elements in home decor


There is no greater design inspiration than from Mother Earth herself.  Color combinations, textures and forms and shapes can all be found by just opening your eyes and observing your natural surroundings.

Color combinations

fall inspiration photo by slim paley

photo courtesy of slim paley blog

The garden is a natural place to start if you are struggling trying to come up with a color scheme.  If you do not have your own garden then take a day trip to your local botanical… Continue reading

More five minute fixes for your home


Istock photo

Istock photo


Most of the country is ready to throw open their doors and windows and let some sunshine and fresh air into their homes.  There is no better time than a change of seasons to begin sprucing up your home with a few five minute fixes.  In a previous post we talked about simple things like switching out cabinet hardware, painting an accent wall and adding colorful accent pillows but there are dozens of other… Continue reading