5 ways to recycle wooden shipping pallets.




Are you asking yourself “Why is she posting a picture of an ordinary shipping pallet?”  Well, recently I have received some comments from customers regarding the disposal of the wooden pallets that were used to deliver their painted furniture.  Often, the shipping company will leave the pallet for you to deal with.  A bit of an annoyance!  How do they dispose of them, can they reuse them and, if so, how? Well here are a few ideas on how to recycle and/or reuse your pallet.

  1. If you live near the shore or on a lake then you are already aware of how valuable these ordinary items can be - just build a bonfire.  Break them apart, stack them high and light up.  Provide a few warm blankets and the  makings for s’mores and you have the ingredients for a perfect evening spent with family and friends (or just the two of you)
  2. Depending on how good you are with a hammer and nails, pallets can be turned into comfortable and classic adirondack chairs for your deck or poolside.  The internet and sites like pinterest are full of instructions on how to accomplish this.
  3. Other furniture items can also be made.  A rustic dining room table for your deck or vacation home, casual occasional chairs, small side tables or comfortable upholstered ottomans can also be built from a wooden pallet.  Paint it your favorite color and and add decorative touches for a one-of-a-kind painted furniture piece.
  4. The open construction is perfect for a wall planter or even a small garden on the terrace.  Add sides and a solid bottom, paint it whatever color you desire or leave it in its natural state and plant to your heart’s content.
  5. Panel a wall for a natural and rustic look.  This application would work well in any vacation retreat, a young boy’s bedroom or to create the ultimate mancave for that special person in our life.

You are only limited by your own imagination and, of course, your own DIY skills, to create a unique item crafted from used wooden shipping pallets.

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