Green is more than a color at Painted Furniture Barn


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While we do love painted furniture in the various shades of green finishes our manufacturers offer, we are referring more to green building techniques our manufacturers use when building their individual items of furniture.

While many think of being “green” as avoiding the use of toxic materials, proper disposal of waste, and recyling, one of the easiest ways to be “green” is to utilize local craftspeople.  All of our furniture is hand-crafted here in America, thereby avoiding delivery delays and insuring quality but, as important is the fact that we employ people in our own communities.   Maine Woodworks is a fine example of a company that produces beautiful bench crafted furniture, all the while maintaining an eco-friendly environment.  How do they do it?

  • They use local products and control every aspect of the building process from their own local workshop.
  • Their finishing process uses a water based, non-toxic lacquer that is not only durable and lustrous but environmentally friendly.
  • They do hire local crafts people, many with disabilities,  from a local non-profit, Creative Work Systems, who might otherwise have difficulty finding employment.  After all, there is no better natural resource to protect than people.

Buying online is also a way to participate in the green movement.  Yes, your furniture needs to be delivered but the less time you spend in your vehicle searching for the perfect piece the less fuel you use, also reducing the amount of harmful emissions being cast into the atmosphere.

Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22, 2014.  This celebration began back in 2007 as a way to bring attention to the growing need to protect Mother Earth and all she has to offer including the atmosphere, animal and plant life and natural resources.  Simple efforts like turning off your lights when not in use, reducing the amount of fuel you use in your vehicle and in your home, and employing manufacturing techniques that protect the air we breathe and the water we drink can make a big difference in preserving this earth for future generations.

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