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To grout or not to grout? That is the question

Does anyone remember the horrible job of cleaning the grout lines on the kitchen counter?  Scraping all that gunk out with a knife, bleaching and scrubbing, only to have it become discolored no matter how hard you tried to keep it clean?  Well, fortunately, gone are the days when your only option when it came to installation was a width of colorless grout that was a major pain in the @#$ to keep clean.  Today there are… Continue reading

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: G is for gourd lamps

         A beautiful lamp is often the final accessory that ties a room together.  Versatile and attractive, the gourd lamp will enhance any style decor.

Gourd lamp from Lamps Plus

Gourd lamp from Lamps Plus

Not just a pretty face, the gourd lamp may be able to bring a bit of good luck into your life (if you are a follower of feng shui).  Feng shui believes that a gourd will bring  long life and good luck… Continue reading

Yes, you can have a nice home AND furry pets.

We are animal lovers.  And just to prove it, here is a picture of our furry family members, Molly and Mikey:


And, yes, they are sitting on the furniture.  I know it can seem impossible to have a comfortable home when you have pets.  If you are a pet owner you know that there is plenty of fur, muddy paws and food crumbs to go around!  Fortunately, there are ways… Continue reading