Paint your world and your interior with your favorite colors

All one need do is take a look around to become aware that our world is full of color.  We are affected by color all day long beginning with the clothing we choose to wear for the day, to the stop lights and traffic signs we encounter on our way to work, to the decor of our office building and even the logos of our favorite lunchtime items.  Mother Nature provides us with plenty of color in a blue sky, a red rose or a green lawn–on the chillier side—a gray sky, brown leaves or a white mountain top. Did you notice how each one of those references conjured up a different vision and feeling when you read them? Well, the same thing can happen with the colors you choose for your home.

The mood of a room will be determined by the hue, the tone and the saturation of your favorite color or color combination, and that mood will be interpreted differently by each and every person who enters the room.   Therefore, you can see that selecting a color and/or color combination can often be a difficult and trying process.  But no need to worry—your home should be a reflection of you and your family so begin by choosing colors you like and mix and match them to your  heart’s content.  Here are some photos of homeowners who did just that, with a very successful outcome, wouldn’t you agree?

A combination of blues and white, anchored by white trim and accessories creates a soothing bedroom/sitting area.

A surprise pop of turquoise in the nightstand keeps this little girl’s room from being “too” sweet.
The pink walls will keep your little princess happy but introducing the green chest and black silhouette add a note of sophistication.
Pink grows up through the use of a shade of 2014′s Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, on the furniture.  The use of painted furniture is a great way to introduce various colors throughout your home.
Subtle yet beautiful color has been added to this rustic room through the painting of the armoire, mantel, molding and trim.
An unexpected, yet delightful, shade of lilac on the dining room chairs, paired with a painted green corner cabinet personalizes this charming cottage dining room.
How do you use your favorite color(s) in your home’s decor?

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