Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: the letter F is for four poster beds


letter F

Is there anything that spells luxury in a bedroom more than a four poster bed?  Romance, privacy and the feeling of being a member of royalty in your own home can all be accomplished through the use of this one item of furniture.

The four poster bed was originally designed to support curtains or drapes on the sides that were meant to protect the VIP in the bed, usually a wealthy person or a member of royalty, from the nasty drafts that came in through the windows.  The curtains were drawn for comfort and privacy and the poor servant slept nearby on a mat on the floor. Fortunately, today’s modern homes provide us with plenty of warmth and privacy so we can enjoy a four poster bed simply for the beauty and function.

A four poster bed is versatile enough to be used in any style decor.  For example:

A traditional bedroom decor will certainly be enhanced by the addition of this classic style bed that features a solid wood headboard.  It can be customized with your choice of paint color for the bedroom of your dreams.

four poster bed available at Painted Furniture

four poster bed available at Painted Furniture

For those who enjoy the casual comfort of a country or cottage interior you might want to consider a beautiful spindle bed that adds interest to a standard four poster design.  A canopy and/or side drapery panels can be added.

Four poster canopy bed available at Painted Furniture Barn

Four poster canopy bed available at Painted Furniture Barn

Even a sleek and contemporary interior can be turned into a cozy retreat through the use of a modern material such as metal or acrylic.

Every member of the family will enjoy the beauty of a four poster bed from the littlest member in a crib to the pickiest of teenagers to the adults in the home.
Even your furry family members can get into the act!

These versatile beds can be customized with your choice of paint color, fabric inserts, canopies and side panels as well as your decision to add a footboard, headboard style etc.  To view a full selection of four poster beds in all sizes and colors, please visit our site at

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