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Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: the letter F is for four poster beds


letter F

Is there anything that spells luxury in a bedroom more than a four poster bed?  Romance, privacy and the feeling of being a member of royalty in your own home can all be accomplished through the use of this one item of furniture.

The four poster bed was originally designed to support curtains or drapes on the sides that were meant to protect the VIP in the bed, usually a wealthy person or a member of royalty, from… Continue reading

Paint your world and your interior with your favorite colors

All one need do is take a look around to become aware that our world is full of color.  We are affected by color all day long beginning with the clothing we choose to wear for the day, to the stop lights and traffic signs we encounter on our way to work, to the decor of our office building and even the logos of our favorite lunchtime items.  Mother Nature provides us with plenty of color in a… Continue reading