Tips to decorating a teen’s bedroom that will satisfy kids AND parents


If you are reading this you are, no doubt,  already aware of the tricky path  necessary to make teenagers happy, and decorating their bedroom is one of the trickiest!

During the turbulent teen years kids need a place to not only call their own but also a room that is functional for all of their needs.  Here are a few necessities and helpful tips that just might elicit a smile from those often grumpy faces.

Every teen’s room will need:

  • A place to sleep.  This might be a standard double or queen size bed, bunks, a pull-out sofa or futon or a daybed with a trundle for those all-important sleep-overs.
  • A place to study.  Options range from a simple writing desk to an entire computer center that will store their electronics and provide plenty of space for books, laptops.
  • A place to display their treasures.  Ribbons, photos, souvenirs, ticket stubs etc. tell the story of their life and are very important to teens.  Provide a place to easily hang and view these treasures such as on a cork bulletin board or a magnetic closet door.
  • A place to be creative.  They may think they are grown up but they still enjoy drawing and doodling their thoughts and feelings.  Therefore, a chalkboard wall or a whiteboard closet door let’s them scribble to their heart’s delight without upsetting the parents.
  • A place for storage.  You can only hope that the dresser and chest of drawers you provide will encourage them to put their clothes someplace other than on the floor, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Helpful tips to keep peace:

  • Let them make their own color choices, but within reason.  If black is their number one choice, incorporate that into fabrics and accessories and try to keep the walls light.  If they “insist” on black walls, a chalkboard wall might be a nice compromise but you can find comfort in the fact that teens change their “favorites” as often as they change their outfits.  Black this week, chartreuse next week.  (oy’!)
  • Reflect their personality through special pieces such as artwork, fun lighting fixtures or a painted piece of furniture in their favorite color or pattern.
  • Select multi-functional pieces such as an armoire that can store clothing and double as a media center, a sofa that doubles as an extra bed for overnight guests, a trunk at the foot of the bed to store linens, shoes etc.  or a side chair that can be pulled up to the desk when necessary.  This will save space and may even encourage organization.

The key to decorating a teenager’s bedroom is to keep an open mind when choosing paint colors, fabric patterns and accessories and since space is often limited, keep function in mind at all times.   The end result will be a room they will be proud to call their own and you might get a hug out of it!

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