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Tips to decorating a teen’s bedroom that will satisfy kids AND parents


If you are reading this you are, no doubt,  already aware of the tricky path  necessary to make teenagers happy, and decorating their bedroom is one of the trickiest!

During the turbulent teen years kids need a place to not only call their own but also a room that is functional for all of their needs.  Here are a few necessities and helpful tips that just might… Continue reading

Wishes for a warm and colorful holiday season from Painted Furniture Barn


photo via BHG

photo via BHG


We would like to wish all of our clients and visitors a colorful holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from Painted Furniture Barn.  We look forward to sharing our beautiful custom furniture with you in 2014.

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: E is for etagere

letter e Etagere is just a very pretty word, borrowed from the french where most pretty words come from, for a bookcase or display shelf.  It comes from the french word for scaffolding.  The main difference between an etagere and an everyday bookcase is that the etagere has an open back and sides.  This design adds versatility to a bookcase, allowing it to be used as a room divider or in a space where an open feeling is desired.… Continue reading

Decorating your home for the holidays with memorable vignettes

The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to create pretty vignettes throughout your home.  But before we offer tips on how to create a pleasing vignette let’s answer the obvious question—what the heck is a vignette?

The dictionary offers many definitions but the one that applies to home decor and interior design is a brief but powerful scene or, according to the Oxford Dictionary  ”…a small illustration without a definitive border”.  In layman terms, a… Continue reading