The great debate–area rugs vs. wall to wall carpeting

Flooring is most likely one of the largest purchases you will make for the interior of your home.  And the choices are enough to make you run in fear of making the wrong selection.  But I am here to offer a bit of encouragement and knowledge to help you make the right floor covering choices for your interior spaces.

Area rugs: The style, color, size and design of area rugs is limitless.  You can choose from exquisite antique wool rugs that cost as much as a luxury car or you can find a man-made rug crafted from durable nylon that will withstand the rough and tumble life of a busy family.  If you live in a coastal area or just like texture you might want to consider a natural fiber rug like sisal or jute that is like a spa for your feet when walked upon but very durable and versatile.    And, because many area rugs are so affordable, you can step out of your comfort zone and select a colorful rug with a pattern that will enhance a particular design style.  For example, a bold black and white rug will add graphic appeal to a contemporary space while a multi-colored patchwork rug will not only provide plenty of stimulating color in the kids rooms but also mask the dirt and stains that are sure to happen. Area rugs are so versatile and can be used to define areas in a large room, placed atop wood or tile floors for under foot comfort or used to break up a long hallway.

Wall to wall carpeting:  Wall to wall carpeting offers the ultimate in comfort and beauty.  It is available in every color of the rainbow and in various textures.  Details on all the choices are too many for a simple blog post but you can select plush, shag, sculpted, patterned, berber…the list goes on and on.  Your choice will be determined by your personal design preferences, lifestyle, architecture of your home etc.  Tip:  while color is beautiful you may want to select a neutral shade for wall to wall carpeting to allow you to change up your interior design over the years without worrying about the color of the carpet.

You can have both:  While not a new trend, layering area rugs over wall to wall carpet adds a rich and luxurious look to a home den or library, for example.  You want to consider the traffic and use of the room before implementing this look to avoid tripping over the raised edges of rugs and/or to avoid heavy use on delicate or antique rugs.  Love the painted red desk in this room and how it brings out the colors in the area rug.

Floor coverings can be expensive and can last for many years so you do want to take your time to find just the right floor treatment for your home.

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