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What is Thanksgiving without pie?

Photo via nonesuch

Photo via nonesuch


What is Thanksgiving without pie?  In my humble opinion, a very boring Thanksgiving meal!  And in my home there is nothing better than a delicious mince pie but I can hear the collective “Yuck” now!

Mince pie has definitely gotten a bad “rap” over the years. Perhaps it is due to the often used term mincemeat pie..which I must admit conjures up some pretty unpleasant thoughts.  But I am here to confirm… Continue reading

The great debate–area rugs vs. wall to wall carpeting

Flooring is most likely one of the largest purchases you will make for the interior of your home.  And the choices are enough to make you run in fear of making the wrong selection.  But I am here to offer a bit of encouragement and knowledge to help you make the right floor covering choices for your interior spaces.

Area rugs: The style, color, size and design of area rugs is limitless.  You can choose from exquisite… Continue reading

Now I know by ABC’s of decorating: D is for dovetail

the letter d


No, we are not talking about birds!  You may  have heard the term dovetail, dovetail joint or mortise and tenon joinery.  All of these are referring to methods used to join sections of wood  together that are most commonly found in high quality, custom furniture and cabinetry.

Details of dovetail joints

A dovetail joint is created by cutting a series of triangular points on one side of a drawer or door that correspond to cutouts… Continue reading

Add some shine to your home with lacquered furniture

lillian august chest photo courtesy of shay geyer via kristin peake interiors

Lillian August Karl chest photo courtesy of shay geyer

One of the many design  trends spotted at the Fall 2013 High Point Market this month was the reemergence of lacquered furniture.  This finish, often referred to as high gloss, enameled or varnished, adds a high shine to case goods that include chests, armoires, side chairs and accent tables.  Colors span the rainbow with the on-trend Emerald Green chest from Lillian August pictured above to the juicy lacquered… Continue reading