Celebrate fall with these decorating tips

Fall fields of Tablas Creek Vineyards

Fall fields of Tablas Creek Winery


With still warm temperatures spreading across much of the country it is hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner.  But, before you know it the mornings will be crisper and the days shorter and you will be longing for a cozy fire in the fireplace.  Here are a few easy ways to transition your home decor from easygoing and casual summer style to warm and inviting spots to relax in:

  • Add texture:  Cable knit throws and plump accent pillows in luxurious fabrics like suede, leather and chenille create a space that invites you to curl up with a good book or share conversation and a warm cup of tea with friends on a chilly day.
  • Invite nature indoors:  It does not cost a dime to take a walk and gather up pine cones, acorns, fallen leaves and twigs with the berries still attached, and you get exercise at the same time.  Replace those bowls filled with seashells with baskets full of your found goodies and place it on the hearth or entry table.  (Tip-a quick vinegar and water bath should eliminate any bugs that came with your pinecones)  Those twigs and berries will add color and height and last much longer than a bouquet of fresh flowers. 
  • Play with color:  Warm tones of rust can replace the bright orange after Halloween is over.  Gold tones work with any color scheme and fill your room with a glow at dusk.  Shades of green keep things fresh when the skies turn gray.
  • Just for fun:  An elegant piece of painted furniture embellished with fall designs like pinecones and evergreens is a fun way to celebrate the beauty of fall.  Or add a set of  our versatile nesting tables finished in colors like mustard, green and buttermilk.  This set of tables is an affordable way to update a room as well as add beautiful fall colors that, depending on your color scheme, can work year round.
Set of three nesting table available in over 40 colors and available at Painted Furniture Barn.

Set of three nesting table available in several colors and finishes and available at Painted Furniture Barn.

  • Be creative:  Let your imagination run and get inspired with all the beautiful items available in craft stores and home decor shops.  Hollow out a pumpkin or gourd and use it as a vase for sunflowers or mums.  Seal the inside to prevent leakage and rotting or place the flowers in a vase and set the vase inside the pumpkin.  Colorful leaves can be pressed and placed behind glass in affordable frames and hung in the powder room for a touch of fall in this small space.  Create a vase “cozy” by cutting the sleeves off of old sweaters and placing a clear glass vase inside to hold a cheery bunch of autumn flowers or greenery.   Let your kids’ fall-themed artwork take center stage by hanging frame molding on  the wall and tape the ever-changing masterpieces inside the frame.  This idea can be used all year long as they bring home drawings for all the holidays.
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             How do you celebrate the arrival of fall in your home?

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  1. Thanks for the advice, I’m looking to do some decorating soon and found this very helpful

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