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Now I know my ABC’s of decorating–”B” is for beds


letter b

As Goldilocks so eloquently put it “Not too big, not too small but juuuust right.”  And that is what you want when it comes time to choosing a” juuuust right” bed for your master bedroom, child’s room or guest area.

Regardless of its size, the bed is the focal point of any bedroom and often determines the design style of the entire room.  Your style of choice might include a romantic four poster or a fun cutout… Continue reading

5 Designer details that will take your home from ordinary to extraordinary


It is usually the little things in life that really matter–a loving family, health and a roof over our heads.  And it is the little things that usually bring us the most joy—a child’s laughter, roly-poly puppies or a field of blooming flowers.  When it comes to home decor, the little things that turn an ordinary home into a memorable and extraordinary space is the attention… Continue reading

Celebrate fall with these decorating tips

Fall fields of Tablas Creek Vineyards

Fall fields of Tablas Creek Winery


With still warm temperatures spreading across much of the country it is hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner.  But, before you know it the mornings will be crisper and the days shorter and you will be longing for a cozy fire in the fireplace.  Here are a few easy ways to transition your home decor from easygoing and casual summer style to warm and inviting spots to… Continue reading