Now I know my ABC’s of decorating


letter A

Like all businesses and industries, interior decorating and furniture manufacturing have a language all their own so we thought it might be fun to introduce you to that language with our new series of blog posts using the alphabet as a guideline.  So let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!

A is for armoire.

A traditional armoire is a standing closet that was designed to store clothing.  However, it has evolved into a storage cabinet that can house clothing as well as linens, electronics and even canned goods when used as a free standing pantry in a country kitchen.   The most common design involves a hanging rod and/or adjustable shelves behind doors in the upper portion with storage drawers in the lower portion of the unit.

The beauty of this very functional piece of furniture is its versatility.  It can be painted and decorated and placed in a child’s nursery to house all those baby necessities like diapers, lotions and clothing.

Circus theme painted armoire from Jane Harrington's Pieces collection

Circus theme painted armoire from Jane Harrington’s Pieces Hand Painted Furniture collection

In this photo the storage shelves and drawers are placed behind a set of doors making it easy to view and access the stored items.

Or, as in this classic ” doors above, drawers below” style it becomes a good choice for television viewing and storage of electronic components in the family or media room.  A lovely and stylish way to keep all those wires and ugly black electronics out of sight, don’t you agree?

hand-painted Venetian armoire from Painted Furniture Barn

hand-painted Venetian armoire from Painted Furniture Barn


While this weeks letter “A” is for armoires, it can also represent “A” is for animals in design.  Depicting animals on furniture, in artwork and on textiles is a time-tested trend that transcends the generations and can be used in a child-like manner as shown on this safari collection of painted furniture, or in a more sophisticated manner such as faux animal heads on the wall or a zebra hide rug on the floor.

Hand-painted toy or blanket chest from Painted Furniture Barn

Hand-painted toy or blanket chest from Painted Furniture Barn

Now you are on your way to knowing your ABC’s of design.

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