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Spotlight on hand-painted furniture from Maine

One of the requirements of any furniture sold by The Painted Furniture Barn is that it be “Made in America” so let me introduce you to a friend of ours— meet Maine Woodworks.

Maine Woodworks manufactures solid hardwood furniture (no veneers here) out of Saco, Maine,  using both time-tested and modern day joinery methods that result in durable and functional furniture that will last a lifetime.   Finishes are environmentally friendly, and the color wheel is at your fingertips… Continue reading

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating


letter A

Like all businesses and industries, interior decorating and furniture manufacturing have a language all their own so we thought it might be fun to introduce you to that language with our new series of blog posts using the alphabet as a guideline.  So let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!

A is for armoire.

A traditional armoire is a standing closet that was designed to store clothing.  However, it has evolved into… Continue reading

Five minute decorating fixes for your home


This solid bronze Bunny knob from Martin Pierce custom hardware is the perfect designer detail for a french country styled room

This solid bronze Bunny knob from Martin Pierce custom hardware is the perfect designer detail for a french country styled room

Summer is coming to a very fast end and crisp fall days are straight ahead.  That has many of us tiring of our summer decor and longing for something that will spruce the place up a bit.  But maybe your bank account does not agree or you are just wanting to make some easy and quick… Continue reading

Furniture with multiple uses

When you think about it, the act of searching for furniture, whether online or in a store, can be complicated by labels and categories. Especially so when you consider the many ways that a piece of furniture can be used in your home.

For example, a century ago the armoire was used almost solely in the bedroom for clothes storage, as many rooms were small and often without any built-in closet space.  But today, we are just as likely… Continue reading

The power of proper lighting in home decor

design man holding light b ulb

As any good set decorator or make-up artist will tell you, lighting is everything.  Well that same idea holds true for your home.  The right lighting can turn your home into a cheerful and inviting spot or even a romantic getaway while the wrong lighting can alter the true colors used in the space or  result in a gloomy room full of shadows.

According to the experts at The American Lighting Association, lighting is broken down… Continue reading