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Enjoy the warmth of beach house decor with these decorating tips


Winter is over and warmer temperatures have arrived, enticing all of us to begin thinking about summer vacation; so let’s try a little experiment.  Lean back in a comfortable chair and close your eyes.  Now think back to your last visit to the seashore.  Can you smell the ocean, hear the pounding of the waves or the squawking of those pesky gulls and feel the warmth… Continue reading

Top 7 Elements of French Country decorating

Viva la France!  The French have provided the world with so many wonderful items; things like wine, pastries, romance and an inviting design style appropriately titled French Country.

It is easy to see why this comfortable decorating style is so popular.  The combination of warm woods, cheerful colors, inviting textures and an eclectic mix of fabric patterns come together to create a room, or an… Continue reading