5 easy ideas to transition your home decor from summer to fall

design fall leaves on estate highgrove of prince charles from cote de texas blog

Highgrove estate in fall from Cote de Texas blog

fall inspiration grape harvest from tablas creek vineyeard

Don’t look now but autumn is just around the corner!  The arrival of the fall season means not only changes in the weather and the number of daylight hours but also an opportunity to introduce changes into your home’s decor.  Along with hanging storm windows, chimney cleaning and covering the outdoor furniture, these five tips may help you make the transition from the relaxing look of summer to the… Continue reading

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: K is for crackle finish

letter K Okay, I know—crackle does not begin with the letter “K but it does sound like the letter “k” and it is such an interesting  finish I thought it would be fun to address it.

A crackle finish is basically a mottled pattern that appears on the surface of an item.  It is created with specialty paints and processes or your own DIY efforts.  It adds interest and an aged appearance to any piece of… Continue reading

Never underestimate the importance of measuring

Istock photo

Istock photo


You have, no doubt, heard the builder and contractor’s motto ” Measure twice, cut once”.   This is so important not only when building a home or piece of furniture but also when buying something new for your home.

There are many tales to be told of homeowners purchasing that perfect piece for their home only to find upon delivery that it will not fit into the elevator, up the curvy staircase or through a narrow door.… Continue reading

The desire for made in America products is as strong as ever


The quest for made in America products is stronger than ever.  This was evidenced by a recent segment on the 4th hour of the Today Show wherein the topic was discussed.  You can view that video here.

There are probably many reasons why consumers are preferring products made in America.  We could discuss some rather unpleasant ones such as the recent immigration issue taking place in Texas, Arizona and California.  Or we could talk about… Continue reading

Celebrate with red, white and blue all summer long

Patriotic color combinations of red, white and blue are especially popular during the 4th of July weekend.  But why limit yourself to the enjoyment of this casual and fun color combination for just one weekend?  While patriotic in nature, this color combo also symbolizes relaxing days at the beach, nautical activities and other stress-reducing endeavors.  Here are several ways you can use this cheerful color combination in your home all summer long.

Now I know my ABC’s of decorating: J is for jelly cabinet

I know what you are saying—-”I don’t have that much jelly in my house that would require it’s own cabinet.”  That is probably a true statement for most of us.  However, these versatile little pieces of furniture are mostly used as accent pieces that can also provide a bit of storage.

Like a pie safe, a jelly cabinet was originally designed with a specific purpose in mind–to store jars of jelly and other canned goods.  The shelves… Continue reading

I am a lover of all things French and English


Gordes France  photo by Luc Viatour www.Lucnix.be

Gordes France
photo by Luc Viatour

In my last post I introduced you to my new blog friend and fellow lover of all things french and English. French Pemberley.   I thought I would give you a little background as to why I enjoy and appreciate french and English design, literature, lifestyles, architecture, art, furniture etc.

My love of all things french began when I had french classes in elementary school, which I continued on through high… Continue reading

Let me entertain, and introduce you……

I am always on the search for interesting sites and blogs that feel the same way as I do about beautiful furniture with designs rooted in tradition.  So you can imagine my pleasure when I stumbled upon a new blog entitled French Pemberley.  Like myself, the owner of the blog, Katie, is a lover of all things french and English, supported by her English born husband and her love of travel.

Her blog is a collection of… Continue reading

Easy tips for beach and cottage style decorating

As the song lyrics say “Summertime and the livin’ is easy”  and so is your home decor with these relaxed and casual decorating ideas for beach or cottage style design.

You don’t have to live on the water to enjoy the casual style associated with beach or cottage living.  Giving your home that relaxed and “beachy” feel is easy, as you can see by these simple suggestions:

Who is the fairest wall mirror of all?

Mirrors are one of those magical little accessories that carry a big punch in home decor.  We offer a variety of sizes, shapes and styles of wall mirrors that, in many instances are pretty enough to be called functional art.

Mirrors can brighten a dark room, reflect a beautiful view for double the viewing pleasure or provide the perfect spot for last minute touch-ups as you dash out the door.  Some styles offer additional storage space, full-body viewing… Continue reading